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The Real Man in a Sea of Posers

This three-part article is designed to address the question: “What makes a man genuinely masculine?” It may start a fire. To address such a complicated topic is to draw a dividing line from the most sincere and loyal among us. Neither an answer manual nor a textbook for men, this writing will look at the intended design of man, sans claiming a new design. To do so we must debunk a few myths fallen males have popularly defined as benchmarks. The style is intentionally evaluative; those unable to tell the difference are likely to confuse it with criticality, or condescension.

The Gifted Narcissist

A narcissist is a person who refuses to face reality. Addicted to a wrong self-image, he thinks all people who refuse him the spotlight of attention are selfish, blind, confused, or “have yet to see the light.” His warped lens of reality dictates his worldview, in which everything should revolve around him. Employing self-centered thinking characteristic of a child, his behavior exemplifies a delusional lifestyle. Completely independent of what he might say, it is disorder personified.