The Author

Architektos Ministries (Vision Architekt and Architektos Design) was founded by , an author with a mandate to establish others. Building relationships and declaring the mind of God to individuals and corporate environments with Biblical prayer, supernatural words, and exemplary character, the ministry emerged slowly out of the crucible of loss. The ministry currently combines various delivery mechanisms with a core capacity to hear spiritual insight. Seeking solely after God’s truth and holy objectives, Architektos Ministries bears witness via deed and word to a just, all-powerful God who reforms entire systems and raises up individuals, transforming from “orphan” to fully functional.

About Vision Architekt

Vision Architekt (an official arm of Architektos Ministries) is a writing ministry and growing online hub which resources Christian leaders with insightful articles (and eventually, books!) on wide-ranging topics and ministry development themes affecting Christendom. Vision Architekt publishes articles and devotional blog posts with the express aim of exalting the character of Christ above any individual, display of giftedness, or superiorly polished intellect. Balance, approach-ability, spiritual sight, and skillful delivery all describe the ideal methods we strive to embrace. The articles by Vision Architekt reflect a thoroughly prophetic function by design and original intent. At all times the goal of writing on Christocentric topics will be to illustrate hidden architecture and illuminate root causes that obstruct accurate perceptions of Christ.

Vision Architekt identifies most closely with the “building, graceful dismantling, rooting out, planting, and foundation-laying” capacities of what is slowly being accepted and understood as the “fivefold minister.” But in contrast to some streams of evangelical Christianity self-declared as prophetic, Vision Architekt seeks to never alienate the pastoral dimensions from the fivefold ministry. This is to say, we do not want to be prophetic at the expense of the pastoral. The prism of charismatic interpretation frequently leans away from such gestures due to an unabating “truth-focus” of much prophetic activity oft-lauded and ubiquitously available for public consumption. However, the heart and vision of a pastor are welcome here, invited to coexist peacefully with the prophetic.

In the Marketplace

Also acting as an experienced Visual Architect and Team Lead familiar with a wide variety of tools to build intuitive and creative UI / UX Solutions, Architektos Design oversees, designs, and builds innovative, dynamic websites for public and private sector entities. Holding a Certified UX Professional (Nielsen Norman Group) title, Architektos is trained in visual branding, responsive design, and quality business process planning for websites and diverse online media.

More About Architektos Ministries

Architektos Ministries was unveiled recently as the product of a long journey through desert valleys. The ministry was forged through the many fires of trials, death to personal preferences, healing, training, years of mentoring, and unwavering spiritual development. Featuring two primary delivery mechanisms, Vision Architekt is the prophetic and writing component, while the marketplace ministry arm, Architektos Design, is a web 2.0 and graphics design firm based in the national capital area. Architektos Design establishes your corporate image through User Interface (UI) Design and User Experience principles, with extensive experience building diverse websites and professional UX Deliverables (NN/g certified).